M.Scalenus Anterior-Medius
Origo: C3-C6 Proc.Transversus
İnsertion: 1st rib
Function: Lifts the first ribs up

M.Scalenus Posterior
Origo: C5-C7
İnsertion: Second rib
Function: Lifts the second ribs up

Origo: Os Occipitale, Lig.Nuchae, C7-T12 proc.spinosus
İnsersion: Clavicula,Acromion,Spina Scapula
Function: Scapula elevation, retraction, adduction and rotation

M.Latissimus Dorsi
Origo: T6-L5 Proc.Spinosus,Torakolomber Facia ,Crista İliaca
İnsersion: Crista Tuberculi Minoris
Function: Pulls shoulder down and back, adduction and internal rotation of the arm

M.Levator Scapula
Origo: C1-4 Proc.Transversus
İnsersion: The upper part of the inner edge of the scapula
Function: Pulls the scapula up

Origo: Lig.Nuchae, C7-T5 Proc.Spinosus
İnsersion: Scapula inner lateral edge
Function: Pulls the scapula up and inward.

M.Serratus Posterior Superior
Origo: C6-T2 Proc.Spinosus
İnsersion: 2-5. Ribs
Function: Contributes to breathing by lifting the ribs.

M.Serratus Posterior İnferior
Origo: T11-L2 Proc.Spinosus
İnsersion: Son 3-4 Kaburga
Function: It contributes to expiration by depressing the ribs.

Mm.Levatores Costarum
Origo: C7-T11 Proc.Transversus
İnsersion: Kaburgalar
Function: Contributes to breathing by lifting the ribs.

Origo: Lig.Nuchae,C7-T6 Proc.Spinosus
İnsersion: Proc.Mastoideus,C1-C3 Proc.Transversus
Function: Head and spine extension, lateral flexion, rotation.

Origo: Spine
İnsersion: Spine
Function: Head and spine extension, lateral flexion, rotation.

M.Pectoralis Major
Origo: İnner side of clavicle ,sternum,1-6 Ribs
İnsersion: Crista Tuberculi Majoris
Function: Arm adduction, medial rotation.

M.Pectoralis Minor
Origo: 2-5. Rib anterior faces
İnsersion: Proc.Coracoideus
Function: Scapula protraction and depression

Origo: 1st Costa
İnsersion: 1/3 middle section of clavicle
Function: Clavicle stabilization

M.Serratus Anterior
Origo: 2-9. Ribs
İnsersion: Inner lateral edge of the scapula, angulus inferior
Function: Scapula protraction, abduction, upward rotation.

Mm.İntercostales Externi
Origo: 1-11. Lower edge of ribs
İnsersion: Upper edge of rib below one
Function: Increases thorax diameter by raising the ribs, inspiration.

Mm.İntercostales İnterni
Origo: 12-2.Ribs
İnsersion: Lower edge of rib above one
Function: It depresses the ribs, expiration.

Origo: Lower 6 cartilage costa
İnsersion: Centrum tendineum
Function: İnspiration


M.Obliquus Externus Abdominis
Origo: 5-12. Rib outer faces
İnsersion: Crista İliaca,Linea Alba
Function:Trunk flexion with bilateral activity, unilateral trunk lateral flexion and rotation.

M.Obliquus İnternus Abdominis
Origo: Crista İliaca, lig.inguinale, fascia lumbodorsalis
İnsersion: Last 3-4 Ribs,Proc.Xiphoideus
Function: Trunk flexion with bilateral activity, unilateral trunk lateral flex. and rotation.

M.Rectus Abdominis
Origo: Crista Pubica, symphisis pubis
İnsersion: 5-7. Cartilage Rib, Proc.Xiphoideus
Function: Trunk flexion

Origo: Ramus Superior Ossis Pubis
İnsersion: Linea Alba
Function: Stretches the Linea alba

M.Quadratus Lumborum
Origo: Crista İliaca, lig.iliolumbalis,Proc.Transversus of the lower lumbar vertebrae
İnsersion: Proc.Transversus of 12.Ribs and upper lumbar vertebrae
Function: Trunk Lateral flexion


Origo: Pubis
İnsersion: Coccyx,canalis analis
Function: Acts as a sphincter for the anus, Helps maintain intra-abdominal pressure.

Origo: Spina İschiadica
İnsersion: Coccyx
Function: Acts as a sphincter for the anus , Helps maintain intra-abdominal pressure.

Origo: Arcus Pubicus
İnsersion: It goes around the rectum and ends in the opposite arcus pubicus.
Function: It prevents fecal incontinence by pulling the rectum forward.

M.Transversus Perinei Superficialis
Origo: Tuber Ischiadica
İnsersion: Centrum tendineum perinei
Function: Perineum Stabilization

M.Transversus Perinei Profundus
Origo: Ramus Ossis İschii
İnsersion: Centrum tendineum perinei
Function: Perineum Stabilization

Origo: Tuber İschiadicum and ramus ischio-pubicus
İnsersion: Corpus cavernosum in man , clitoris in woman
Function: It contributes to Penis-Clitoris erection.

M.Bulbospongiosus/M.Sphincter Vaginae
Origo: Centrum Tendineum Perinei
İnsersio: Men’s penis,Clitoris and arcus pubicus in women
Fonksiyon:Ejaculate in men ,sphincteric function in the vagina in women.

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