Dance Therapy in Physiotherapy

Dance therapy in physiotherapy “Istanbul University- Cerrahpasa Faculty of Health Sciences once again it signed a ‘first’ was made public in the media. Many diseases can now be cured with dance. Our friends in the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department of our university continue to prepare choreographies for different target groups by combining the movements we use in the treatment of diseases with the harmony of music in order to make them more attractive for our patients.

Dance and Movement Therapy; It is defined as the therapeutic use of dance and movement to increase the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integrity of the individual and its most important components are body, dance and creativity.

Dance therapy also has a lot of psychological effects. The healing power of dance for people began in the early twentieth century with the development of modern dance and psychiatry. We can express the basics of dance therapy as follows; movement is a language. Therapists believe that nonverbal language is as important as verbal language, and they use both forms of communication in this process.

Movement can be functional, communicative, developmental, and expressive.

Dance is both a form of assessment and a form of therapy.

Benefits of Dance and Movement Therapy:
Self Awareness
Being independent
Being healthy
To be able to make connections between thought, emotion and action and to adapt…

It can also be used to raise awareness in Down syndrome, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s, autism, juvenile idiopathic arthritis and even healthy children and the elderly.

In fact, we should spread this treatment method, which is not as simple as described, and make people love it, because it is thought to have a healing effect on our patients in many respects.

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