Muscle strain or tearPalpable piece of mass / precision, swelling / heat, contraction pain or muscle strain
Muscle contusion or hematomasLocal damage to the muscle (bleeding,swelling), painful muscle contraction/stretching. If the hematoma is old, organized thickening develops.
Muscle spasm or crampPainful palpable lump/thickening,possible range of motion restriction, pain in tense muscle.
Muscle herniation and fasiyal tearingPalpable soft mass, severe muscle pain with increased activity, activity after localized swelling.
Myositis ossiclesPainful palpable mass in the muscle, microrods in muscle fibers that cause pain and swelling when the muscle flexes or contracts, loss of movement in restricted muscle function.
Deep vein thrombosis(DVT)Constant pain, pain in passive dorsiflexion, localized temperature, localized tenderness and possible swelling on leg palpation, high body temperature.
Bening tumorLocalized pain and tenderness, can be noticeably soft or hard, may cause movement disorder(depending on location).
Maling tumorGeneral malaise, possible sudden weight loss, localized pain or swelling of various sizes.
HemangiomaLong lasting, palpable lump with slow changes in size over time, there may be pain, can limit movement/may not restrict.
Baker cystPalpable lump with possible tenderness in posterior knee and posteromedial leg.
PseudodrombophlebitisWith DVT , swelling in the calf, may mimic acute pain that worsens with compression.

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